2020 Annual Meeting: March 5-7, 2020

Substance Use, Substance Use Disorders: Changing Concepts, Changing Patterns

The last two decades have seen enormous changes in public perceptions, laws and policies regarding substance use and substance use disorders. During this time, alcohol and drug use has increased markedly, especially opioids, marijuana and alcohol, leading to an opioid crisis and much debate about all of these substances. Research on substance use, its antecedents and consequences has seen substantial advances, from neurofunctioning to multi-level models of policy effects. At the same time, much remains to be learned. The 2020 APPA conference will present many of these areas, including many of the major studies are now underway that promise to provide important new information in the coming years. Major advances in behavioral and pharmacologic treatments have also been made, with more to be learned and done to better disseminate effective prevention efforts, and evidence-based treatments to those in need. The conference will also cover differences in important population subgroups (women, race/ethnic group), variation by life-cycle stage, stress, psychiatric comorbidity and suicide.

Speakers include NIDA and NIAAA directors, and internationally recognized leaders and experts in the areas to be presented. The conference will provide a lively interdisciplinary forum to discuss all of these issues, as well as considering important future directions.

Deborah S. Hasin, PhD

President 2020



APPA 2019-2020 Council


Deborah S. Hasin, PhD (Columbia University)

President Elect

James Potash, MD (Johns Hopkins University)

Vice President

Kathleen Merikangas, PhD (National Institute of Mental Health)


William S. Stone, PhD (Harvard Medical School)


Joshua Breslau, ScD (RAND Corporation)

Membership Chair

Helen Wilson, PhD (Stanford University)


Jo-Ann L. Donatelli, PhD (Brown University)


Raymond DePaulo, MD (Johns Hopkins University School of Medicine) 

Stephen E. Gilman, ScD (Eunice Kennedy Shriver National Institute of Child Health and Human Development) 

Michael J. Lyons, PhD (Boston University) (Past President)

Susan L. Santangelo, ScD (Maine Medical Center)